"Over Here" get's featured by Spotify.

"If you ain't seein' nothin', that's the preppin' and the mappin'." - Trevor Lee 'Over Here' (Time Mark -1:42)



It's important to know where you are headed.

Appreciate the process.

Time is your friend!

An old colleague of mine told me over the phone a while back, "When I don't hear or see anything from you, I know something big is coming." He was referring to my behind the scenes work.

Since starting my 2017 campaign to become a solid contributor in the music industry, I've tried my best to keep pushing and continue to create content, tour, and connect with current and potential fans/listeners. It has been, and I expect will always be, a grueling effort to succeed. I know that I am nowhere near my end goal, however it is important to appreciate the wins along the way. 

So... I'm asking all of #TeamLee to celebrate with me!

We've finally broken through a ceiling. One huge priority this year was to be featured on a Spotify ran playlist. There are many factors involved in making this happen, and I know the one major factor is YOU, #TeamLee, the #SQUAD. Thank you for the relationships, the love, the family. Without you, this isn't real.

"Over Here" has been featured by Spotify on two playlists. Let's follow them, share them, and stream "Over Here" on one of the playlists. I'm grateful to be grouped alongside such great artists.

Here they are.

Remember to...

Live. Create. Share.


And oh... Here's the video!

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