"Ever since I was a little kid, a mediocre life is something I never planned to live."
- Trevor Lee "Eatin' Time" (0:16) (Full Song/Video)

As far back as I can remember, I've felt that I perceive the world around me differently than most. Since then I've discovered the entire world is just like me. Everyone has inner thoughts and analysis going on 24/7. I might be a little more sensitive than others, but I don't have super powers. It led me to spend a lot of time in my head, causing me to feel separated from the people around me. 

Believe it or not.🤔

I grew up socially awkward. Still, I haven't been able to shake my social insecurities, consistently second guessing my previous interactions and how they went. In fact, I have a genuine fear of social interaction that I might make a fool of myself. It is a constant battle to be bold. If you've ever met me in person, I seem fearless and unashamed of myself. The truth is the opposite. 

The secret.🔑

Everyday is a journey to self acceptance. I start in the morning by deciding what I want out of life, and recognize what it will take to have that. After a while, it gets... sike! It doesn't easier. In my personal faith I know who God is and what that means for me. This daily process keeps me moving forward, along with the help of my social circle holding me accountable to my convictions and goals.

Decide what you want, and be aggressively passionate about it.


💙 you all.

Trevor Lee

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