"Keep my head up, hate down. Blessings coming my way now."
- Trevor Lee "Get Luv" (1:05)
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I traveled 🛫through the midwest. It was a blast meeting new people and making new relationships. I had a week to hang out and chill while waiting for my concert night. So I did what I do best... make friends. lol 

Within 24 🕐hours of setting foot onsite, I met Rachel, Joya, Jessica, Lydia, Page, Chase, Matt, David, Asher, Matt #2, Ashton, Makenna (definitely spelled that wrong), Simian, Deo, Kohl, Eli, Gia.... must I go on. Not only have I met these people, I am now connected to them.


wants to make music. He writes, plays the guitar, and is teaching himself piano. He is from Uganda and was adopted by Ashton's family 5 years ago, which he is super grateful for because he was living in an orphanage before that. They met him while running the orphanage he was in. They fell in love and adopted him. 


is a free spirited girl with stylish, well maintained dreads. She is floating where the wind guides her. She's moving to California to attend school. She loves doing yoga at sunrise, and drinking coffee (not Starbucks, lol). She smiles even when she's uncomfortable.


is a strong, "can do" young lady with a fun, contagious attitude to match her name. She is an amazing artist, loves her horse that she rides bareback, and she starts college soon. Oh, and her family takes up an entire town in Nebraska. I met at least 3 other cousins there.

I could keep going for each of the names above. And that's just in the first 24 🕐hours. 

I'm not bragging about my social skills. However,

it sets the stage for you to evaluate yours.💭

As a lifetime Christian, I understand how easy it is to separate yourself from the outside world and live in a bubble. Same goes for entrepreneurs and close-nit families.

How can you expect to affect the 🌎, if you aren't a part of it.

Last year, I realized how secluded I was, locked up in my office all the time. So focused on my goals, I had forgotten about everyone else right outside the window.

There is power ⚡in connection.🔌

The power to overcome fear by understanding. An understanding that bridges cultural gaps. Think of social interaction as water. Without it, you limit your growth as a human by unconsciously creating a social ceiling. That social ceiling just may be the last thing holding you back from reaching the desires of your heart and living in full freedom.

As a christian there is one last factor.

The most important result of strong social skills is Influence. Preaching the gospel of Christ isn't enough. You must live it out by genuinely loving others. You don't have to meet 100 people and learn everything about them. However, you need to learn how to interact and share life with those in your daily path. You never know who you will meet. They might need you. You might need them. Life is too difficult alone.



Trevor Lee

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