"Stickin', stickin' with the ones that been with me in the slums. Yeah, ridin' through the ups and downs. Ain't ever been in this for fun. It's all of it or none. I just wanna make the family proud!"
- Trevor Lee 'Get Luv' (1:20)
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For those of you who haven't heard...

my wife and I have relocated to north Alabama. I received mixed responses, but the one commonality was surprise. Mostly due to the recent growing support in Houston. Things have really been coming together. Especially in the last few months after the announcement. 

So why the move?🚚

One word; FAMILY.

Family is something I've been blessed to acquire no matter where I reside, however I haven't been able to acquire the consistency of my own. It has been a constant pull on my heart being so far from them. My parents are getting older, nephews need their uncle, cousins need their big cousin to mentor them, and I need that tangible consistent love. Don't get me wrong, I have very good friends that I consider family. The love is plentiful, but it can't replace the fine tuning love that comes from being a part of a close knit, life-together family. 

Goals are meant to bring you closer to your dreams, not 🚫the contrary.

The blatant truth is that most of us can't properly care for someone unless they are within a certain physical proximity to us in our everyday lives. I do my best, but now it's time I take real action to backup my ❤'s desires.

My overall dream includes a healthy family life. Staying in Houston any longer would not help that part of my dream to come true. 

chase your dreams and do whatever it takes to achieve them, just... 

don't forget the most necessary pieces while in pursuit of another.


Trevor Lee

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